Interfurn - St Albans Hospital Theatre Refurbishment

St Albans Hospital

Interfurn Case Study

St Albans Hospital

Project details:

  • Complete strip out and refurbishment of the theatre
  • New AHU and associated ductwork
  • BMS upgrade
  • Surgeons panel
  • High level recirculation
  • HTM03-01 compliant


Equipment: 2.8m x 2.8m canopy, new AHU and BMS upgrade
Client: Fulbourn Medical (Main Contractor)
Duration of project: 9 weeks

UCV Theatre Refurbishment – St Albans Hospital:

St Albans Hospital required an update of their UCV theatre 4. Interfurn Medical Systems Ltd, in partnership with Fulbourn Medical were selected to completely overhaul the theatre.

Due to the compact size of the theatre Interfurn recommended installing high level recirculation units positioned in the ceiling void. This innovative high level solution is increasingly being used in theatre upgrade projects where space is limited. There is no reduction in performance or efficiency and the system fully complies with HTM 03-01. At the same time we retain the feature which Interfurn is renowned for, totally flush and no requirement for skirts/down stands or side screens what so ever.

Our quick release CG screen is incorporated into the design at St Alban’s allowing quick and easy access for routine maintenance and cleaning with the potential to dramatically reduce theatre downtime.

Apart from the UCV itself, works also included removal of old screen and equipment, retention and reinstallation of the Starkstrom light. Building and integration works, redecoration and commissioning carried out by Fulbourn and Interfurn all on time, in budget and to the satisfaction of the Trust.

Client Testimonial:

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“The refurbishment of Theatre 4 has been a great success. The flush, skirtless Interfurn ultra clean canopy not only looks good but is efficient, reliable and popular with the clinical team. Interfurn technicians are a professional team and we now have placed re-verification of all our theatres at St Albans with them.”

NHS Martin Ward August 5, 2016

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