Ultra Clean Ventilation

We have many years’ experience in the design, manufacture and installation of ultra clean ventilation solutions for hospitals, operating or hybrid theatres and healthcare facilities. This enables us to provide our clients with practical advice, tailored to each specific project.

Our systems are installed in accordance with the statutory requirements, codes of practice and guidance laid out in Health Technical Memorandum 03-01 (HTM 03-01).

We provide solutions for:

  • Operating theatres
  • Hybrid theatres
  • Hospitals / NHS Trusts
  • Surgeries
  • Isolation Facilities
  • ICU & ITU environments
  • Eye clinics

Ultra Clean Ventilation (UCV) Systems

Interfurn supply and install ultra clean ventilation (UCV) systems in various sizes and bespoke dimensions according to your requirements – standard sizes include:

  • 2.8m x 2.8m
  • 3.0m x 3.0m

Our Dual-2 skirtless canopy is highly energy efficient, more so than other products on the market, due to the EC (electronically commutated) fans that are utilised within the system. It has no side screens or ‘skirts’ whatsoever; in addition, it is completely flush fitting into the ceiling. It is typically the canopy of choice for hybrid theatres and integration with high profile scanning equipment, as demanded by today’s procedures where instant scanning on the patient is essential. Of course, if skirted sides and/or media bridges are preferred then we are able to attach these without the need for re-work or delays to the schedule, which may impact on valuable theatre operating times.

Primary air is supplied to the canopy inner zone (Zone 1) to deliver the requisite air condition to the patient area and clean zone within the theatre, and passed through HEPA filters in a laminar flow giving the optimum conditions for both patient and clinical staff. The air flow is recirculated from the theatre via pre-filters to deliver recirculated air to the outer canopy zone (Zone 2), which increases in temperature by approx. 1°C, allowing the recirculated air to drop slower, creating the optimum environment. The optimum solution is to deliver the recirculating air through low level grills, although some theatres are also suitable for high level recirculation grills, given the limited floor space.

Our unique distribution screens (also known as CG or PLF) have a double translucent skin to form perfect laminar flow, despite the air being delivered at various trajectories. The screens are cleanable using normal bacterial cleaning agents and easily removed by the unique (totally screwless,) one click release mechanism. This allows fast and easy canopy screen release for efficient service and maintenance, whilst minimising theatre downtime. Hepa filters are either traditional box type or panel filters, which are integrated into the canopy design to allow illumination above the screen where necessary. We will provide the most suitable solution for your theatre.

For further details, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact us.

Laminar Air Flow (LAF)

Laminar flow or laminar air flow (LAF) is a smooth layered pattern of flow, without turbulence. Loosely used during early development of ultra clean ventilation operating theatres to describe the important feature that aids the swift and complete removal of particles liberated into the air in the vicinity of the wound.

More properly termed ‘unidirectional flow’ (UDF) theatres, or ‘ultra-clean ventilation’ (UCV).

Smaller clinics - Laminar Flow

HVAC Systems

HVAC System

All our HTM03-01 hospital specification HVAC units are fully bespoke and designed to meet each installation’s exact requirements; size, duty and HTM03-01 necessities are all catered for.

We can offer matching condensing units (including pipework, expansion valves and charging), control panels and inverters. Flat pack and build on site of HTM03-01 units is a speciality and mechanical plumbing work is also available.

For more information about our about our ultra clean ventilation, laminar flow or HVAC systems, or to discuss your project, please contact us or call us on: 01484 661120.