Energy Efficient Ultra Clean Ventilation Solutions

BRC Dublin – Integrated Skirtless UCV with Phillips C-Arm

Interfurn Medical Systems has developed a range of flexible and energy efficient ultra clean ventilation (UCV) canopy solutions for hospitals and operating theatres, offering many benefits over other ‘Traditional’ and ‘Eco’ UCV canopies on the market today.

Our energy efficient ultra clean ventilation systems are designed specifically around the hospital theatre and preferred medical equipment layout, which makes them ideally suited to hybrid operating theatres with integrated imaging equipment. Unlike traditional ultra clean ventilation (UCV) canopies, which can form a cumbersome and un-negotiable part of the M&E package, Interfurn’s UCV canopy systems offer ultimate flexibility and can be designed to suit most architectural, construction and M&E requirements.

Every Interfurn energy efficient ultra clean ventilation (UCV) canopy system is HTM03-01 compliant, and built incorporating our revolutionary ‘Dual2 Technology‘ – this technology offers significant advantages over other UCV canopies including:

  • Bespoke, screenless / skirtless UCV and laminar flow canopy systems for use in operating theatres
  • All systems fit completely flush with the ceiling
  • Unrivalled energy efficiency of up to 65% through the utilisation of EC motors and  intelligent component selection

Energy saving tips and things to look out for when selecting your next ultra clean canopy provider:

For more information about our flexible and energy efficient ultra clean ventilation (UCV) canopy solutions, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us or call us on: 01484 661120.